Whiskey, rye whiskey

Jack o’ Diamonds, Jack o’ Diamonds, I know you of old
You have robbed my poor pockets of silver and gold
It’s a-whiskey, you villain, you’ve a been my downfall
You’ve kicked me, you’ve cuffed me,
But I love you for all.

And it’s a whiskey, rye whiskey
Rye whiskey, I cry
If I don’t get rye whiskey
Well I think I will die.

It’s a beefsteak when I’m hungry
Rye whiskey when I’m dry
Greenback when I’m hard up
Heaven when I die.

I’ll a-go to yonder holler
I’ll build me a still
I’ll give you a gallon
Fer a five dollar bill

Whiskey, rye whiskey
Rye whiskey, I cry
If a tree don’t fall on me,
I’ll live ’til I die.

If the ocean was whiskey
And I was a duck
I’d dive to the bottom
An’ never come up

Now the ocean ain’t whiskey
And I ain’t a duck
I’ll play Jack o’ Diamond
And trust to my luck

Ha ha ha whiskey, rye whiskey
Rye whiskey, I cry
If whiskey don’t kill me,
I’ll live ’til I die.

–Tex Ritter, “Rye Whiskey”


Imbibe’s Karen Foley in a video interview

Kevin at TasteTV.com writes to tell me of Karen Foley’s interview on the TasteTV site. (Thanks, Kevin!) Karen talks about the ideas behind Imbibe magazine. The interview appears to be a couple of months old because they talk only about the first two issues, but it’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

Unless your broadband is fast like Speedy Gonzalez, I advise you to let the video fully load before you watch.


Here’s a direct link, if you’d rather go out to TasteTV to watch.

New cocktails!

I can’t reproduce the image without paying a damn expensive license fee, but Cartoonbank has a fun little mixology-related cartoon that was recently in the New Yorker. It’s worth a click. Thanks to Emdashes for the link.

(I know, I know–from a computer-nerd standpoint, I could easily reproduce it, but I don’t want lawyers after me. And is it just me, but does Tunatini sound less weird than some real drinks out there?)

MxMo: Exotics

MxMo ExoticThe theme of October’s Mixology Monday is exotic drinks, a category of beverages in which I am quite the raw novice. Exotic beverages always seem to require a lot of equally exotic ingredients that I don’t normally keep on hand: passion fruit, orgeat, rums older than Dakota Fanning–you get the idea.

This class of drinks intimidates me, but it also intrigues me greatly, so I wanted to start moving in its direction. After all, these drinks are some of the best liquid fun you can experience, if they’re done right, so they’re worth the investment of time and capital.

I’ve paid close attention this summer to Rick’s tiki experiments at Kaiser Penguin. A few months ago, he posted a recipe for a Noa Noa cocktail, a mix of rum, lime, brown sugar, and mint. Sounded yummy to me, so the Noa Noa was my first choice.

Noa NoaThe recipe Rick posted (which I won’t actually reproduce here, since I used his recipe almost verbatim) called for demerara rum. I thought I had a convenient source for that, but I was wrong. In its place, I used another African rum, Starr, a product of the island of Mauritius.

Starr’s flavor profile bears notes of citrus, cardamom, and a touch of vanilla, making it a lovely rum for sipping on its own. But it also mixes nicely, and my wife and I both loved the Noa Noa. Thanks, Rick!

My second exotic was a slight variation on the El Floridita No. 1. So slight in fact that if were to alter its numbering in any way, I’d have to go with a cliché and call it El Floridita No. 1.1.

El FloriditaThe pink tinge comes from the use of hibiscus syrup in place of simple syrup. My wife had made the hibiscus syrup for an unrelated food-writing commission, so since we had that on hand, I thought it would make a nice substitution.

El Floridita 1.1

Adapted from Gary Regan’s The Joy of Mixology

  • 2 oz. light rum
  • ¼ oz. lime juice
  • ½ oz. hibiscus syrup
  • maraschino liqueur to taste

Technique: Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

MxMo updates

I’ve missed posting in the last couple of Mixology Mondays, mostly owing to my own incompetance, but I do want to take the time to announce the following two MxMo’s.

MxMo ExoticOctober 16 brings MxMo 8, on the theme of exotic drinks. Meeta’s hosting it, over at What’s For Lunch, Honey. Break out your tiki mugs, deck out your living room with palm fronds, get some Don Ho for your hi-fi, and check in with Meeta when you’re done. It’s summer in October!

MxMo BittersMixology Monday 9 takes place November 13, with the theme of bitters. Hosted in this space, appropriately enough, it’ll give you a chance to talk about, well, anything bitters related. Go crazy. Do you have a batch of homemade bitters brewing up on your back bar? Have you been experimenting with Aperol or Cynar? Fees or Underberg? The bitters can be your main ingredient or a highlight.

These things always sneak up on me, so I’ll be sure to post a reminder here a week before my MxMo.