More odds than ends

Feast or famine around here. I either have nothing to write about or I have more to write about than I know what to do with.

I still owe Todd and Lauren’s friends a recipe for the Ward Eight, so that’s coming soon. Jen and I had an anniversary dinner/cocktail hour at Pegu Club this past Friday, and I want to write about that. And Jen got me a cocktail-geek’s dream as an anniversary gift. I’ll probably write that up on eGullet, though, before I discuss it here.

It’s hard to figure out how to pace myself. I don’t want to blog all this stuff one day after the other because I know I can’t maintain a daily pace here. But if I spread it out too much, I’m writing about things that happened a couple of weeks ago, and it’s no longer as fresh.


2 thoughts on “More odds than ends

  1. Write it all up now, and save everything but one as a draft. Then just go in and hit “publish” (or whatever) every other day. This advice comes to you from someone who goes months without updating.


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