Embury and his fine art

Embury's "Fine Art"

photograph by Jennifer Hess

The 1948 first edition of David A. Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. This thing usually sells for upwards of $150-200, but Jen got it for a steal, from an online vendor who apparently didn’t know what he/she had. Although the dust jacket is missing, the condition of the book itself is excellent, with just a few scratches on the cover and a stamp on the edge of the book. But no tears, dogears, or obvious wear on the pages. Bargain!


6 thoughts on “Embury and his fine art

  1. I just found a copy of the 1948, First Edition though not First printing, for $8 in a used store. I joked with the seller that he was charging me TWICE the cover price. He, clearly not knowing what he had, made the earnest statement that “housing prices go up from when they first come on the market and so should books.” Indeed they do.


  2. I just bought a copy yesterday for 10 cents! I see the prices have gone up dramatically since this blog was posted 7 years ago, too! I put it on eBay right away!


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