One down

logo for Imbibe magazineHappy birthday, Imbibe magazine! It’s been a great first year, and here’s a toast to many more. Issue 7 hit my mailbox yesterday, and I must confess that since it arrived the same day as this issue of Esquire, I didn’t open Imbibe first.

(Even my wife saw Halle and said, “Wwwwow!”)

But I closeted my hormones, stirred up martinis, grabbed a cigar, and repaired out back to enjoy the warm weather and browse Imbibe.

Number 7 profiles such bon vivants as “Colonel Joe” Rickey and “Beachbum” Berry before visiting a Dr Pepper plant in Texas (where the bottler still uses cane sugar instead of corn syrup in the product) and walking us through the farmers market in search of fresh produce for our drinks.

We pop off to Portugal to see how port is made, wing back to the U.S. to sample the coffee scene in cities around the country, and stop in West Oakland to visit an urban winemaker.

Finally, it’s time to repair to Drinkboy’s to crack open a lager and watch him cook up a batch of bitters. (I made his recipe a couple of months ago, and I’m very satisfied with them. Some day, I’ll have to follow his advice and find a small oak cask to age them.)

One final comment on Imbibe… In her editor’s note celebrating the anniversary, Karen Foley discusses how hard it is to get a magazine off the ground and thanks everyone who helped it along. She then says this:

We’ve also been fortunate to be embraced by thousands of loyal subscribers and readers who have become true champions for the magazine–the list grows by the minute, but Siobhan, our circulation manager, is still on a first-name basis with many of you, a novelty among national consumer publications, or any business for that matter.

I just want to point out, from my own experience, how enjoyable it is that the folks from Imbibe stay in touch with their readers.

So, again, happy birthday and here’s to many more.


2 thoughts on “One down

  1. So, Michael, are you suggesting that Imbibe starts putting scantily-clad babes on the cover? I mean, Halle Berry holding an irresistible summer drink might be good for sales, but do you think it might change the whole concept of the magazine?


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