I like to have a martini

Tonight, apparently, the Dorothy Parker Society is commemorating the 40th anniversary of the death of Dorothy Parker. Newyorkology reports there will be free gin and a reading of her works.

I’ve got a bunch of gin remnants in various bottles cluttering my liquor shelves, so this anniversary provides a great excuse for a gin tasting. But as it turns out, the date of her death is actually June 7, so we’re holding off on the tasting until then. I’ll be sure to post, but depending on how much we enjoy each gin, it might not be right away.


3 thoughts on “I like to have a martini

  1. Hm, that might make me change this week’s Drink of the Week.

    “Three are the things I will never attain:
    Envy, content, and sufficient Champagne.”

    I think if I ever start a cocktail blog, I think I’ll call it “Sufficient Champagne” 😀


  2. I was there. Fun party, free gin. It was Plymouth Gin. The attendees all took home their own muddlers, and taught how to put bitters in the signature martini all were handed.


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