MxMo: Not really

I really wanted to participate in this month’s Mixology Monday, but sometimes life just gets in the way of your plans, y’know?

We have a couple of stray cats who frequent our backyard. A few months ago, one of them done got herself knocked up. She delivered her babies at the end of April, and after eight weeks, they started moving to solid food. This was the ideal time to adopt them out.

Homeless kittens in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is just one of those great human-interest stories that no one can pass up, and so, to our surprise, we found shout-outs on New York magazine’s Intelligencer blog and Gothamist.

So that was my weekend. I might have, otherwise, sourced recipes, histories, and ingredients for Mixology Monday, but instead I rescued kittens from a neighbor’s yard (with the neighbor’s permission) and helped the babies get into new families.

They’re all adopted now, and we’re working on getting the mama cat into a safe home. The full story, with photos, is on my wife’s Flickr stream, if you’re interested.

For actual cocktail goodness, however, click over to Morsels & Musings for this month’s MxMo. I promise my next post will have fewer kittens and more cocktails.


6 thoughts on “MxMo: Not really

  1. Ya shoulda done Tiger’s Milk or Jerry Thomas’ White Tiger’s Milk!

    Good job, man!

    A few years ago my wife and I adopted a couple kittens that were born in a co-worker’s basement. It was a little tough getting them socialized at first; but, they are now happy family members.

    Any chance of trapping the Mom and taking her in to be spayed?


  2. Erik,

    Thanks! That’s our plan for the mother cat, although we are trying to adopt her out, too. We’re basically just waiting now to hear back from a couple of people who are deciding whether to take her.


  3. Yea! They are so cute and it’s awesome that you took an interest and found them homes! I know from experience that stray kittens can become the most amazing pets…I have two! From the photos it looks like these kitties may have some Bengal blood in their veins. If the adoptive parents are frustrated by curtain climbing tell them to create high perching places for these cute little fritters. Their ancestors were tree dwellers and, although they are many generations removed, it’s still instinct for them. They like water too, so tell the new parents to not be shocked if they are intrigued by the shower!


  4. Misty, thanks!

    We’ve had some great follow-up e-mail messages from the new, proud parents. They’re already cat people, so nothing the scamps do is any surprise. They all seem really delighted with their new charges.

    I’m really happy, actually, by how well this has all turned out.


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