Salon’s summer swizzles sizzle

To anyone clicking through from, welcome. Snoop through the cabinets and make yourselves comfortable.

On Tuesday, I had the honor of joining Salon’s witty New York editorial team for its summer-cocktail contest. You’d search long to find a finer group of raconteurs and bon vivants. Sarah Karnasiewicz and her colleagues welcomed me not just to taste but to mix up a couple of batches as well, and I quickly felt like part of the team, even though I had just met everyone. My only regret is that I had to leave shortly after we finished the mixing and judging.

Sarah has posted the results of the contest, so pop over and find a new favorite! I’m a big fan of LUPEC Boston‘s Irma le Douce, but I’ll have to alter it for home use since Mrs. Bitters is allergic to grapefruit.


MxMo: Hair of the devil

mxmo18-orangeIt’s fitting that this month’s MxMo should be about orange. Some of the first mixed drinks I ever quaffed had orange juice as an ingredient. In fact, I’ll let you in on an embarrassing secret, one that will no doubt get me 86’d from any bar that any of you might happen to tend or haunt… one of those orangey drinks was <cough>fzynvl</cough>. What can I say?! I was 14!

As an adult I traded up to the screwdriver, but it wasn’t long before that just seemed boring. I mean, voddy and OJ? Let me tell ya something, buddy–that crap’s just watered-down fruit juice.

And now, unfortunately, although I love orange juice, I seldom mix with it. Mrs. Bitters is allergic, I’m afraid. She can have neither orange nor grapefruit. Luckily, other citrus is clear, and that’s a good thing because without lemon or lime at my disposal, I wouldn’t bother with this site.

But that brings us to today’s MxMo, hosted by the zodiacal intoxicant herself, Gwen. The theme, orange.
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Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go

At pretty much the same moment that Mouthing Off, the Food & Wine blog, honors me by linking here, I have to announce that my presence will likely become more sporadic for a few weeks as I enter a heavy-overtime period at the day job. This will run well into October.

I will participate in MxMo on Monday, and I’m hoping to take part in September’s and October’s installments as well. I have a couple of ideas in mind for MxMo Oranj; which way I go will depend on what ingredients I can source.

I also want to continue to post weekly. I’ve finally reached a point where I’m writing at least twice a week, after a period where I was lucky to post that many times a month! I do think I can maintain weekly posting, but we’ll see. I’m actually hoping to post a bit more frequently than that, but I’m only promising myself once a week for now.

Edited to add: I’m well aware that my blog roll is out of date. I’m thinking of a complete overhaul of the blog roll’s categories, but that will take time, too.

Maraschino Barbarino

I recently polished off a bottle of maraschino that I had had for a little over two years. I initially bought it so I could try an Aviation cocktail, which grew to be one of my favorites. At the time I bought that bottle, the only brand I could find was Stock. I couldn’t find Luxardo, initially, and to this day, I still can’t recall seeing Maraska.

So…Stock it was. And I started mixing Aviations. The first batch I mixed, Jen hated. It’s not like she hates gin or lemon juice; she just didn’t like the maraschino.
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