Back to life, plus a note about reviews

My overtime period has ended at the day job, so expect regular posting to return.

I’m blasting back in this week with two product reviews–one is of a liqueur and the other of a fairly new book. I don’t receive review offers often, and I don’t accept everything I am offered, so it’s fair to say that most of the products I review here are items that I myself have purchased, unless I say differently in the review.

In other words, if it’s a freebie, I’ll mention it. But since the vast majority of what I drink, read, etc. is stuff I’ve bought for myself, it seems silly to say so every time I talk about a product.

The liqueur I’m reviewing was sent to me for review, and I’ve mentioned that in my drafted post. The book was something I myself purchased, and in my draft, I haven’t mentioned that fact. I’m saying this now in case anyone wants me to clarify or alter my position before I publish these posts.


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