MxMo 21: Gin

mxmo ginSo, Mixology Monday hits 21 this month; instead of carrying us drunks on its own dry back, it can finally step up to the bar its own damn self and order a tipple. Don’t let us down MxMo. If you’re gonna be all about the Jager shots, I just don’t know….

Tip of the hat to Jay for hosting this month and choosing the theme.

For my part, this became another MxMo post from the Department of Fall-Back-and-Punt.

I just finished mixographer David Wondrich’s book, Imbibe!, and I found a great drink idea in there–one that combines ingredients I’ve never mixed before. I was excited to try it, but I was missing a key ingredient, Plymouth gin. Unfortunately, the liquor stores near my office were out of Plymouth and the less I can say about the liquor stores by my apartment, the better. I’ll just mention the words “bulletproof” and “partition” and let you work out the rest.

“Bushwick,” he said with a shrug, “whattaya gonna do?”

My instinct told me that my gin on hand, Tanqueray, probably wouldn’t work well in the cocktail I had in mind, so I came home to consult my cocktail books and find a Plan B. I’ve made a lot of gin recipes over the last couple of years and wanted something new.

tuxedo cat is dressed for dinnerAs I read, I heard a weird scraping sound at the back door, accompanied by a noise that sounded like mewing. We’ve been caring for some stray cats, and I was sure it was one of them, hungry and begging for kibble.

Jen came home about then and we carefully opened the door to investigate. The handsome fellow to your right had clawed a hole in the screen, climbed through, got trapped, and panicked. We let him out, spit-patched the screen with a bit of strapping tape, and brought kibble to him and his siblings.

I then started leafing through the Savoy and found the perfect solution:

Tuxedo Cocktail (No. 2)

  • 1 Dash Maraschino. [for two cocktails, I used 1/4 tsp. Luxardo]
  • 1 Dash Absinthe. [1/4 tsp. Lucid]
  • 2 Dashes Orange Bitters. [4 dashes Regan’s]
  • 1/2 Dry Gin. [3 oz. Tanqueray]
  • 1/2 French Vermouth. [3 oz. Noilly-Prat]

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. Add a cherry. [I skipped the cherry.] Squeeze lemon peel on top.

Sometimes inspiration scratches at your back door.


7 thoughts on “MxMo 21: Gin

  1. “Bulletproof”!

    I was just noticing that all the Cognac, Armagnac, and Brandy, (except the absolute bottom of the barrel,) had migrated to locked cases at my local beverage warehouse store.

    I take it you also live in a “transitional” neighborhood.

    A very handsome fellow, by the way, and a tasty sounding cocktail.


  2. I love your tuxedo…the cocktail and Mr Meow! I have my own Oreo cookie cat (jasper) who is amazing! Lucky for me I don’t really encounter the bullet proof partitions. As far as the cocktail is concerned…try Kubler as well. It’s lower proof and is mixing better than the Lucid for me.

    PS…Let me know if you are looking for homes for your feline friends. I’ll spread the word…


  3. Great choice!

    Tuxedo is one of my favorite! I think it is so monumental as … as… as Aviation! 😉
    Usualy I use Anisette in my Tuxedo. Now I try Pernod… And I never use bitters… Worth to try! Thank.


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