Times loves booze

I don’t normally just link out to other articles, but a couple of things in this morning’s Times caught my eye, and I thought they were worth sharing–the first is a tasting panel on bourbons, and the second, a feature on Tiki drinks.

First up, the tasting panel–Times reporters Eric Asimov and Florence Fabricant; Pete Wells, editor of the Dining section; and Ethan R. Kelley, the spirit sommelier at the Brandy Library in TriBeCa review several bourbons. Asimov usually follows up on his blog when he runs these sorts of panels; if/when he does so, I’ll update this post. Meanwhile, there’s an interactive feature complementing the article.

The Tiki piece features Jeff “Beachbum” Berry and his passion for tropical drinks. Again, the Times offers an interactive companion piece–this time, a brief slide show narrated by the Bum himself. You’ll also find some tasty recipes for your imbibing pleasure.

Overall, a fun way to start the morning, I think you’ll agree.


One thought on “Times loves booze

  1. Thanks for the link- I hadn’t seen the Beachbum story. I think it’s amazing that well after his latest book was printed and years after he started his quest he’s become big news with this and the Salon story. Way to go Bum!


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