Hello, nurse!

Saucier’s book is known not just for its recipes but also for its risqué illustrations of young women. Well, I say risqué, but they’re only so by 1950s standards. Today, they’re rather tame. Personally, I think they’re charming and fun. I know, I know. Portraying women in such a cartoonish way has its pitfalls, as does associating drinking and sex. And yet I still think that this book is harmless fun.

I recently bought the new DVD-ROM set Playboy Cover to Cover: The 50s. (The publisher, Bondi, has also released 40 years of Rolling Stone, cover to cover. Some of you know that the New Yorker has a similar product; I wish magazines like Esquire and Atlantic would do the same, frankly.)

As I was paging through the Playboy DVD-ROM, though, I found something that surprised me, though it shouldn’t have, in the second issue ever published:

Playboy v. 1, no. 2, p. 4

Page 34, which isn’t safe for work, follows after the jump:

Playboy v. 1, no. 2, p. 34

(Disclaimer: Playboy is known for vigorously protecting its IP. I think what I’ve done here is fair use, especially since Greystone Press–or its successor–owns the copyright for the second image. I may be violating the terms of use, though. I don’t know, I didn’t read the damn thing when I installed the software. If I must take down the images, I’ll probably take down the whole post.)


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