I have to bow out of this one, I’m afraid. Apologies and complements to Jimmy Patrick, who adulted up and chose to host this batch. Sad thing is, I knew what I wanted to do. I have the three Sazeracs at home–the baby, the 18, and the Thomas Handy. I wanted to compare them straight and in Sazeracs.

But we’ve had a busy month. In addition to the full-time day job, I’ve had two or three freelance jobs going at any time. And if that weren’t enough, we’ve been very busy trapping the nine stray cats in our backyard and getting them in to the ASPCA to be neutered. One of the nine has a broken leg and several are sick enough to need antibiotics before they can be neutered.

Our top priority right now is taking care of these cats. It’s one reason I’ve been so quiet here and it’s why Jen hasn’t been posing as frequently to Last Night’s Dinner. And last night, at the time Jen and I had planned to sit with straight rye and with Sazeracs, compare them, and take tasting notes–we were both just out of gas. And then, to spend an hour or so doing the write-up?

Sorry, kids, just not happening.