Raspberry-Thyme Smash

I don’t talk about this here, since this ain’t the right venue for it, but my first geek love, long before I ever enjoyed bourbon or gin, is the comics. Not the stand-up sort (although I love them, too–don’t get me started on NYC’s Moonwork, or I’d-be-here-all-week-try-the-veal), but the printed type. Peanuts, Bloom County, New Yorker gags, Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Jules Feiffer, Little Annie Fanny, the beat goes on.

This is all to say I really dig on what Doc Bamboo‘s been up to. I can barely even post once a month, let alone draw a crazy-lovely picture with each post. I know from cartoonists, and I think Craig’s a damn good cartoonist. And on top of it all, he makes a good drink.

Which finally gets to the point of this post: the Raspberry-Thyme Smash. Craig and Mrs. Bitters both read Bon Appetit, and the Raspberry-Thyme Smash caught their eyes. Craig’s already posted it, with a great cartoon, a funny story about a muddler, and the recipe for the drink.

Jen and I are lucky. When we moved to Providence, we landed in a place with raspberry bushes in our patio. And we’re growing thyme for cooking purposes, so the Raspberry-Thyme Smash was a natural. After all, we always have gin around.

So, without boring you any longer, our version of the Raspberry-Thyme Smash:

Raspberry Thyme Smash


3 thoughts on “Raspberry-Thyme Smash

  1. Wow- Thanks for all the kind words Michael! I’m glad you enjoy my half-baked ramblings and doodles. I really enjoy everything you’ve got going on here too (particularly your marTEAni, which the Bamboo Babe loves)

    A word of caution about the R-T Smash: If you serve these to your friends/family, be prepared to make many, many more. People LOVE this drink, and you’ll have to keep lots of Hendrick’s on hand (not to mention a supply of Ben-Gay for the wrist injuries you’ll sustain from all the mudling)


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