Nicest piece of Tales swag I done swagged

Bartender's Kit

Plymouth was handing these out at Thursday’s Juniperlooza session. I didn’t get one right away, but my new friend John Martin grabbed an extra and passed it along to me on Friday.

I don’t know whether to use it or just admire it!


7 thoughts on “Nicest piece of Tales swag I done swagged

  1. I sort of mocked this at first, thinking it was a cheap set with a 3-piece shaker, crappy barspoon, and bad jiggers, but upon getting it home and really opening it up I was thoroughly impressed. I’m constantly carrying a wine box full of bartending gear around so this will be well used. The muddler is a bit broad though, I think.

    I managed to get one for Marleigh in the Juniperlooza session (she was stuck in the middle of blogger row and they were done passing them out) and Joana snagged one for Jay by turning on her feminine wiles when she came to look for me after the session had ended.


  2. Man, I’m sure bummed I didn’t grab this piece of cool swag! Looks super convenient for dragging around the country teaching cocktail classes… (I broke my mixing glass on the last jaunt! I guess a sweater isn’t good packing material…)

    So great to see the bloggers. The blogger party was what I most looked forward to!!


  3. My brother snagged one of these for me, so he officially is worth keeping around. Unfortunately, the first time I used the boston shaker set, a piece of glass about the size of a shark’s tooth chipped off the glass and ended up in the drink. But this has barely diminished my excitement over the set itself. Got plenty of other mixing glasses.


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