Boston Shaker

On Friday of last week, I had the joy of visiting the Boston Shaker in Somerville, Mass., a semi-new store-within-a-store that specializes in bar- and glassware, cocktail makings (everything but the booze, that is), and other fun stuff. I had a fun visit with proprietor Adam Lantheaume, and enjoyed a cameo appearance by Fred Yarm, of Cocktail Virgin Slut. Here’s a bit of a photo tour, for those who’ve never see the place. Forgive the blurriness of some of these photos. Also, if you’re a regular viewer of my Flickr stream, forgive the fact that you’ve already seen all these damn pics.

Adam, proprietor of The Boston Shaker

Proud, happy proprietor Adam. Say, “Hi Adam!”

The Boston Shaker @ Grand

Lovely pewter julep cups, made by a company in Connecticut. Support almost-local business! I’m hoping to add a couple of these to my home bar fairly soon.

The Boston Shaker @ Grand

Sterling-silver cocktail picks. At nearly a Benjy a pair, these ain’t coming home with me anytime soon.

The Boston Shaker @ Grand

Books ‘n’ more.

The Boston Shaker @ Grand

Bitters, and a lot of them.

The Boston Shaker @ Grand

Paraphernalia, muddlers, syrups, etc.


7 thoughts on “Boston Shaker

  1. Nice post. This place looks great! It’s on the destination list for sure! Way better then the internet. There is nothing like being able to touch and feel your bar tools before you invest.

    Here’s a question: do you know of a company that makes a nice copper mug for my Moscow Mule?


  2. f’nbjunkie – There’s a few Moscow Mule mugs out there – the ones I’ve been eyeing for the store are from a company called Old Dutch.
    Don’t have them yet (need to order quite a few of them to make the companies minimum order), but if you’re interested contact me directly and I might be able to help you obtain some for this summer’s Mules.

    Sam – Hope to see you!

    Tiare – Excellent choices. They’re lovely! (I’m fond of the “Him & Her” and the “Double Curl” cocktail pics.) Sign up on the email list @ to learn of some specials that may be happening soon regarding your favored products. Just sayin’.


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