Don’t Be Bitter! Beefeater 24 Bitters Giveaway

beefeater24_bittersDon’t be bitter! We’ve got a very rare bottle of bitters in our hands—and we’re looking to give them away. “We” in this case are me and Samantha Harrigan from Nova Marketing and the Cocktail Culture blog. The bitters are specially made for Beefeater 24 by the fine folks at The Bitter Truth. There are currently only 100 bottles in the United States, none of which are actually for sale. Not much is known about the bitters, but check out what Beefeater 24 Brand Ambassador Dan Warner had to say about them:

In order to produce the bitters we send Stephan [Berg, of The Bitter Truth] high proof, straight off the still Beefeater Gin and he uses this as a base. The recipe is Stephan’s secret but he did tell me that lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, and ‘a few different types of citrus’ are featured. They work amazing in martinis and I’ve also been dashing them in my G&Ts.

Interested in giving them a try? Well, to win this bitter collection gem, you’ll have to participate in Beefeater 24’s “Don’t Be Bitter” contest. All participants will be given an equal shot at winning the bitters—as the winner will be randomly selected from the group. Here’s what you have to do to participate:

Post a submission on your blog or website and include the photo of the Beefeater 24 bitters (please download it here and host it yourself) and the title “Don’t Be Bitter” to make it official. Then, use the post as a “shout out” to another cocktail blogger—discuss a time when you were jealous of (or “bitter” about) another blogger’s booze collection, prized bottle of liquor, a cocktail-related trip they took, or an experience they had. Put any bitterness aside and share the link-love with your fellow cocktail bloggers. Make sure you link back to this post so your name gets thrown in the hat. You’ve got the whole month of October to get your post up [final deadline: 11:59pm Eastern time, 10/31/09] and the winner will be announced here the first week of November. Get on board, bitters-lovers!

I think Sam’s handling the actual mechanics of this, in terms of making the random pick, having the bitters shipped out, and so on. Any questions, please get them in to us by the end of the day Friday. Sam’s getting hitched on Saturday and will be on her honeymoon for the week following her wedding.

Oh, and you want to know what I’m bitter about? That I can’t win my own freakin’ contest!


22 thoughts on “Don’t Be Bitter! Beefeater 24 Bitters Giveaway

  1. Well, I sure will hope to see this bottle as one of our many Bitter Truth bottles on our bar next the well at Liberty.

    Look for a mention at the Washington State Bartender’s Guild site, also.


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