Ad of the Week: Bisquit cognac

From Vanity Fair, 1/35:


“Every Bisquit cognac is a thing of mellow beauty, with a smooth perfection taken to itself through the slow passing of generations during which it has aged in the ancient Bisquit cellars. Each one is the essence of a great vintage of the Charente region, glorified by the alchemy of time, and the subtle skill of makers whose experience stretches back more than a century. They are cognacs to be savored with wonder and respect. They have heard the tramp of forgotten armies–their gold is the glint of a sun that shone on an epoch long vanished. At the first sip you will understand why BISQUIT cognacs hold a place apart in the hearts of those who know rare cognacs best.”

What a load of hooey. But I’ll admit there’s a certain rhythm to it, if you read it aloud in your best Orson Wells voice.

Another brand I’ve never heard of, but then again, I don’t often buy brandies from forgotten epochs, or those that have heard the tramp of Charlemagne’s armies. My brandies were all put up last weekend in Sausalito.


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