Bacardi ad: The Hummingbird

Back in mid-November, I linked out to the first in a series of “mini-movies” showcasing bartenders and Bacardi rum. “The Samurai” featured a Japanese bartender making a daiquiri cocktail for a mysterious gentleman. I mentioned that two more such videos had been produced and promised to link out to them when they were available.

The second video, the Hummingbird, is now up on YouTube, and it’s worth watching.

[As before, click through to YouTube to watch it in large HD.]

Again, I don’t think it’s practical to crack open a coconut in a busy nightclub, but it sure looks cool, doesn’t it?

I can’t tell for certain, but it sounds like the voice actor might have been recast. The actor who plays the bartender (who, if I may, is dead-sexy) was trained by Bacardi Global Ambassador David Cordoba. Her technique is great to watch, and I covet her barspoon.


6 thoughts on “Bacardi ad: The Hummingbird

  1. Wow – I was not expecting that to be so great. I agree; her technique is great – even food safe (check out that she uses a pair of tongs to slide that pineapple slice into the glass). Can’t wait to see the rest in the series.


  2. I have that spoon. It’s a great spoon with a lot of weight at the top. I vacillate between that and another barspoon as my favorite (I’ve managed to accumulate something like 6 barspoons).

    Have to agree with Erik though. No lime? The coconut water I can see if you use a good syrup too…but still…no lime?


  3. Well, unfortunately, I consider Coco Lopez (or some other sweetened, emulsified, shelf stable, coconut milk) to be a critical component to the Pina Colada. There was an article about it in one of the Mixologist books from Mixellany.

    I may even know a certain Small Handed Bartender who is working on one that involves fewer chemicals than Coco Lopez’.


    • It’s funny. I hate pina coladas, even more than I hate getting caught in the rain. So I had completely forgotten what goes in one.

      BTW, Liana from Think Espionage (the firm that created these mini-movies/ads) wrote me to say that the voiceover actor is indeed the same as in the first video. Just wanted to clear that up.


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