Ad of the week: Dagger!

Sorry I missed last week; a combination of real-life duties and a bad cold took me out of commission. But I’m back this week with a look at a vanished rum brand: Dagger. A product of J. Wray and Nephew, Dagger is sadly defunct. I say “sadly” because a fellow member of the Cocktail and Spirits Online Writers Gang managed to dig up a bottle and mixed it into Mai Tais, and it sounds fantastic. Hat tip to you, Tiare. Click over if you want to see what the bottle looked like in color.

Anyway, here’s a collection of Dagger ads from 1930s-era Life magazine. Enjoy!

dagger dagger dagger!

dagger! dagger dagger


One thought on “Ad of the week: Dagger!

  1. When I saw the pictures I was quite amazed, my father has a bottle like this in his bar. However, where it’s written “Finest Old” on my father’s bottle is written “Russeika”. 😀

    I wonder how it is. 😀


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