Ad of the Week: Old Overholt

A while back, I mentioned that Old Overholt rye was once bottled at 100-proof. Here, pardon the pun, is proof. Click through to view these in a larger size. oldoverholt-full



The biggest surprise in this ad might be how few of these bottlings are now “ghost” brands. Of them, only Mt. Vernon rye is currently out of production. The rest are still going, even if some of them are limping along. National Distillers didn’t fare so well; the Beam company bought its assets in 1987.


6 thoughts on “Ad of the Week: Old Overholt

  1. Do you happen to know if there’s any specific history that explains the prevalence of “old” in the names of various kinds of whiskey? I don’t think I’ve seen it so much on any other liquor.


  2. These old brands limp along for generations, carried forward by the goodwill and ignorance of habitual drinkers, people who made their drinking decisions decades ago, when the brands were fresher.


  3. Bonvivant,

    Goodwill and ignorance? Old Overholt is carried along because it is delicious, and affordable to boot.

    I wish I could say I know what Overholt tasted like 75 years ago, and would love to try the 100 proof bonded version. Any idea when it went out of production?


  4. I, too, am curious about the use of “Old” in the name.

    Many of these are still good brands, though. I think Old Grandad is one of the best low-priced bourbons around. Not so much for sipping neat, but great with soda or mixed.


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