Last Call at Cook and Brown

I regret to announce that after many weeks of working to help the Bolins open their dream restaurant, I was informed last Monday that my services would no longer be required. Needless to say, I was stunned, angered, and saddened by this news, and I wish that I would have had more time to prove myself. I am proud of what their team has accomplished, and I regret that I will no longer be part of it. I have nothing further to say publicly at this time.


11 thoughts on “Last Call at Cook and Brown

  1. I’m usually found over at Jen’s site, and man, it seems like it could have been handled better.

    In any case, you deserve better. Wishing you a bit of luck, and a lot of happiness.


  2. All of us who are rooting for you and Jen are glad you said something about what happened, in my opinion what you did say was honest and perfectly brief. It is too bad, I was looking forward to checking the place out, now I am not as eager. Best of luck to you both.


  3. Actually, I think you sound rather restrained. Elegant. Of course, I am thinking of how I might react in a similar situation – but then you just seem even more restrained and elegant. Their loss. In more ways than one.


  4. I add my voice to the chorus – it seems like you put a lot of effort and commitment in and it’s disappointing that the same was perhaps not leveled in your direction; I know, for my part, I was hoping to sidle up to the bar in May and introduce myself “from the internet” and try one of your amazing concoctions. You’ll just have to let us know what great things you get up to next, and we’ll doubtless be there!


  5. Uh no! We were just about to go down there tomorrow night to have one of your great cocktails. Actually, we were going just for cocktails, not dinner. I’m sad. If you get a new bartending job let us know where, it sounded like you have a lot of drinks in your little black book, and I want to try them all!


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