mXmO: Bedlam and Squalor

Nothing like a challenge, right? A week or so ago, I noticed that the May Mixology Monday theme was Tom Waits. The concept’s interesting but the thing I noticed was that there was no date for it, no deadline. This is new for MxMo, so I took to Twitter:

Next Mixology Monday is apparently about Tom Waits, but when the hell is it? Just some random Monday in May?

Just three minutes later, the father of Mixology Monday, Paul Clarke, replied:

Dude, hard liquor and Tom Waits are for EVERY Monday in May.

Now that’s a helluva challenge. I just feel bad that poor May 3 got left out of this challenge, but hey, who likes 5/3 anyway?

For tonight, I’m thinking a clip from Fernwood Tonight, a very odd program from 1977–Martin Mull, Fred Willard. Great clip, but forgive the laugh track.

Now, as it turns out, the official date is May 24, but hey. In for a penny, in for a bottle in front of me.

Here’s a bonus video, of Tom on the Mike Douglas show.

Mike Douglas: Tom, you project a very strange image. How would you describe what you do?

Tom Waits: Perhaps a little bit of a curator, a curator…. I’m an unemployed service-station attendant.


One thought on “mXmO: Bedlam and Squalor

  1. The Fernwood clip is one of my favorites and probably the Tom Waits video I’ve watched the most on the interwebs. Will have to watch the 2nd video when I’m not stuck here at work…

    And I started on my MxMo entry yesterday, but I’ll wait until next weekend to post it.


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