Bacardi ad: The Apothecary

Finally, the third in a series of short films (or long ads) by Bacardi. In this installment, our intrepid traveler enters a bar in what’s probably London. As with The Samurai and The Hummingbird videos, this film highlights bartending technique and skill. Take a look.

[As before, click through to watch large, in HD.]

Again, I want to point out some of the tools I covet. The handled jigger is awesome, but what I really love is the metal straw.

The firm that put these together, Think Espionage, is running a contest for the most original spin on a Mojito. The prizes are sweet: a first edition copy of the Savoy Cocktail Book (signed by Harry Craddock), a Yarai mixing glass, and a Japanese barspoon. To enter, though, you’ll need to be on Facebook. Go to the True Originals fan page and enter by posting your recipe on the wall. (If you’re not on Facebook, you can leave the recipe in the comments on this post. I’ll make sure it gets to Liana at Think Espionage.

Think Espionage is working right now on a fourth video, and I’ll have more details on that soon.

[In the interest of full disclosure: Shortly after the first video appeared here, Liana sent me a bottle of Bacardi’s limited edition release of its original 44.5% ABV formula rum, which I quite enjoyed, especially in a classic daiquiri.]


5 thoughts on “Bacardi ad: The Apothecary

  1. I agree with Brian.
    The straw of metal, is what the “Rio de la Plata and Southern Barsil called” Bombilla para mate, o mate straws.
    The Apothecary has a very nice handmade straw.
    In the contest Bols arround the world two years ago, a bartender of Mar del Plata, use one in a drink too.
    They give a retro touch, in my opinion are very good.

    Michael if you want one of this, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you one by post.

    Federico Cuco


  2. Definitely a bombilla–a filtering straw, traditionally used in Uraguay for sipping yerba mate… and a great idea for serving most muddled-herb beverages! Just be careful that you’re not using them in corrosive liquors such as whiskey.


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