Ad of the Week: Green River, Update

A while back, I posted several ads for Green River whiskey. At the time, I mentioned that the brand was defunct, but that the distillery that made it–the Charles Medley Distillery–was again operational. I was wrong, and I was right.

The Medley distillery is again operational, but Green River is no longer defunct. Rob McCulloch–great-grandson of Green River’s founder, John McCulloch–has revived the brand and is again making Green River whiskey, as he noted in a comment on the original post. The Medley distillery is closely linked to three Kentucky distilling families: the Medleys for whom its now named after, the McCullochs, and the Wathens. It’s this latter family that gave its name to another current product of the Medley distillery: Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon. I believe I’ve seen Wathen’s for sale in Rhode Island, so I’ll have to try a bottle. I’d be interested to know whether the new Green River is a straight bourbon whiskey or a blend. I’d hope for the former.

Meanwhile, here are two ads that didn’t make the cut in the first post:




One thought on “Ad of the Week: Green River, Update

  1. I saw this (well the other ads) and initially thought you were talking about the soft drink. I don’t know if it was ever sold around here, but I think it can still be found in the chicago area. It’s bright green and incredibly sweet – perfect for kids, maybe not so much for adults.
    Who knows though, maybe a green river and green river could be good!


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