Last Chance to Go Guinness! (Remember, my entry code is DASH)

One final reminder, if you were interested in participating in helping Guinness the stout get into Guinness the book, this is your last chance. (Remember, too, you’ll help me earn a little money and possibly win a trip to Ireland.) To find a pub near you, check out the Guinness Pub Finder, on Facebook.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go out to the Guinness site.
  2. After you click through the age-verification screen, you’ll be invited to “Join the Party.” Click that link.
  3. Next, you can choose to enter your name and zip code, or log in with your Facebook account. I would love it if you entered your name and zip; if you use Facebook, you won’t be able to pledge.
  4. I would also love it if you entered the word DASH when prompted for an optional code. This is how they track the traffic from my site. If you don’t enter the code, your pledge won’t count toward my totals.
  5. Finally, you will then — and I’m sorry for this — have to jump through a Captcha hoop.

This pledging system only works within the United States. Sorry, foreign devils!


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