Blog Move

The time has come for a few changes to the blog. For years, I’ve paid a web host to host ADOB and the never-updated on my behalf. With a baby in the house, and what appears to be an intercity move pending, I just can’t justify the monthly expense.

I recently moved Mrs. Bitters’s various blogs over to, and those moves were successful. In a nutshell, is hosting the blogs for free. For 12 bucks a year per blog, WP is now providing name server wonkery for each blogs — in other words, Last Night’s Dinner lives at, where it always has, rather than at

So, that’s what I’ll be doing, paying WP $12 a year instead of another host $25 a month. Unlike LND, which is now largely a legacy site, I do plan to keep updating this blog, so I may drop a few extra shillings on some of the custom-design options that WP offers.

What this means is a redesign. About time… This current design dates to 2008. It also means some shuffling of content, a wider post area (so those damn ads can display in a larger format, for example), and maybe even some new types of material. I do hope to post more frequently, but I’ve made that promise before.

I’ll be working on it on and off, whenever the baby lets me. So I have no timeframe on the relaunch, unfortunately, but I hope to move things by the end of April, so I don’t pay another month’s hosting costs.


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