Hundred Year Hooch in Man’s Attic

Century-Old Whiskey Bottles Found in Missouri Man’s Attic

To save money on the installation of central air-conditioning in his St. Joseph, Mo., home, Bryan Fite began replacing the wires in his attic, prying up the floor boards on the rafters. Along with possible savings, he found a treasure beneath the floorboards: 13 bottles of century-old whiskey.

[Warning: there’s an Auto-Play video at the link; very annoying]

3 thoughts on “Hundred Year Hooch in Man’s Attic

  1. I am only surprised that there was no theory that the bottles were stashed during Prohibition in 1919 and then forgotten about. It’s too close to the 1917 bottling dates for me to neglect that hypothesis.


  2. The first thought that came to my head was the possibility that some of the whiskey in the bottles has oxidized. As much of a shame that would be, it’s definitely a possibility. In any case, the man needs to sell off those bottles, keep a few and make some money; share the wealth buddy!


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