New! Shiny! Age-verification comes to Twitter

If you’re reading this blog, I generally assume that you’re a drinker, or at least unopposed to the concept of drinking. Which means I assume that you have, from time to time, checked out other websites related to alcohol. Some of them were probably brand pages — official websites for whisk(e)y, gin, rum, and other spirits brands.

If so, you know the hoops you have to jump through, entering your date of birth to demonstrate that you’re of legal age to consume spirits. Perhaps you’ve even wondered why anyone’s so stupid as to believe that everyone who visits such pages are telling the truth. I mean, I personally have been of drinking age for well over 20 years, and even I don’t always tell the truth about my age, simply because the older I get, the less patience I have for scrolling down, down, down, down, down, down to finally alight on 1968. So I hit the drop-down box, and if my cursor lands on 1985 or 1979 or whatever, who cares?

So today, word comes that some alcohol brands have signed on to a plan to allow Twitter to age-screen Twitter followers. The procedure works like this:

  1. You click a link to follow Miller Lite on Twitter. (Why? Presumably because you don’t like actual beer.)
  2. You get a DM asking you to verify your age at within 24 hours.
  3. If you pass the age muster for your country, Twitter lets you follow Miller Lite.

I can’t say I understand the hoopla. Liquor companies and breweries advertise outside all the time and all over the place. I’ve never yet seen someone clamp a hand over the eyes of a youngster to keep the poor innocent from seeing Sean Combs’ mug on a Ciroc ad.

But just in case the prospect of a Belieber visiting is something that gives you the night sweats, rest easy. Twitter’s on it.


2 thoughts on “New! Shiny! Age-verification comes to Twitter

  1. I think we should all start a campaign to enter 6 June 1966 as our DoB. Perhaps if they saw so many people doing it, they’d realise what complete and utter bullshit it really is. NO ONE should EVER be barred from looking up INFORMATION on whatever topic they happen to be interested in.


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