Down in the Treme …

Here’s one you cocktail geeks mighta missed.

I haven’t been watching this season of the HBO show Treme because we didn’t pick up HBO when we moved to Brooklyn. Apparently, though, the 3rd season has featured a couple of bars that should be familiar to anyone who’s been to Tales of the Cocktail or otherwise sought out good drinking in New Orleans — namely the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone, and the French 75 Bar at Arnaud’s.

But you don’t need to subscribe to HBO to learn more. The excellent blog Inside Treme is an official HBO production, written by Lolis Eric Elie, who’s a lifelong New Orleanian, journalist, and story editor for Treme. Elie features the Carousel and the French 75 in a couple of his posts. Both are worth a read, even if you don’t watch the show:

Will Elie delve any deeper into the world of cocktail blogging? For his sake, I certainly hope not, but you might check back to “Inside Treme” from time to time to be sure.


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