Death to Google Reader

Y‘know, for a couple of years now, I’ve been increasingly dissatisfied with Google Reader. It seemed clunky, visually unappealing, and in sore need of a redesign and an upgrade. I kept wondering why Google didn’t invest any resources in updating it.

Well, a few months ago, we learned why, when Google announced it would be shutting down Reader, as of July 1 of this year.

Hey, July 1 is moving very quickly in our direction, so if you’re a Reader junkie, and you haven’t made plans to switch, now’s the time. I’d hate to lose any readers of ADoB or my work on Drinks, just because Google’s giving up on Reader.

I am one of the millions — yes, millions — who’ve switched to Feedly. Migrating your full Reader feedlist is eeeeeeeeeasy. Go to to get started.

I don’t have any financial interest in Feedly or anything. I simply like and recommend the service. The nice thing is, they opened their API to other developers. I happen to like Feedly’s web interface, but I’m no fan of their iOS app. No problem. Feedly’s API powers Newsify, which I use on my phone. My feeds stay synced between services, no problem.

Trust me: it’s easier to switch now, no matter what service you migrate to, than it will be in early July.


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