Kickstart this cool bar spoon!

Just trying to get the word out, there’s a Kickstarter campaign in its final days now, for a couple of cool new bar spoon designs.

Check out the Kickstarter page here, and you’ll see the full prototyping process as well as the final designs for both spoons. I think these spoons look great, so check it out.

One is a classic barspoon, but with a straight, elegant shaft. The shaft and bowl will be made from one single molded piece of metal, so that the head isn’t welded on, which sets it apart from other spoons with a similar design.

The other spoon spins freely while you stir, removing a lot of the effort from stirring. If you’ve ever worked a full shift behind the bar, you’ll know that even stirring drinks can work up some repetitive stress issues in your arm and wrist.

Finally, the spoons are lovely and will make a great addition to your home or professional bar.

With 8 days left, they’re just over halfway to their goal, so help out if you can!


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