Shrubs on ABC’s Shark Tank

This is interesting.

ABC has a reality program called Shark Tank. I’ve never seen it. Apparently, the idea is that, if you have an idea for a business, you can pitch it to the show, and if the producers feel it has merit, they’ll bring you on and you can pitch the idea to a team of “sharks,” or hard-hitting business tycoons who will decide whether to fund your company.

The season premiere is this Friday, September 25, and it features the McClary Bros. line of drinking vinegars. I’ve had their shrubs, and I’m excited to see that shrubs will get some prime-time attention.

I also have a mercenary motivation for this post. I want people to search online for “Shark Tank” and “drinking vinegars” or “shrubs” or “McClary” and find this page. I want them to click this link: Buy My Books. And then I want them to buy my book. It’s a simple idea, really. Can you blame me?


6 thoughts on “Shrubs on ABC’s Shark Tank

  1. Dear Michael,
    I am really fascinated by the book you have written on shrubs and I have tried many of the recipies since I got the book last fall. Now I am making the Cranberry Sauce Shrub, and in the picture it looks as if you are using canned cranberries. Are these sweetened ? I picked about five quarts of fresh ones this past weekend and I wonder if I should up the sugar content in the recipie or should I keep it to one half cup ?

    I am also planning on trying out two of the old fashioned shrubs. The Benjamin Franklin’s Shrub and the Country Gentleman’s Brandy Shrub. The BF will probably be quite strong as I will use Smith and Cross Rum ( 114 proof ).
    When making the Brandy Shrub is it okay to use a Spanish brandy ( 80 proof ),or is it too fruity and maybe it would be better to go with a cognac or armagnac instead and should the wine be any special kind, or just a regular dry white wine ?
    I guess these shrubs keep for a long time because of the alcohol content.

    Would appreciate your advice very much.

    With best regards,


  2. I made the lemon-lime shrub yesterday and tried some with soda water today for dinner and it was really really delicious ! I used 1 cup of lemon juice, 1/2 a cup of lime juice like the recipe said and I started with 1/2 a cup of Champagne vinegar which tastewise seems to suffice.
    Is the amount of vinegar still enough to keep the lemon-lime juice from going bad ? I am keeping the shrub in a cool place. This is by far the best shrub so far! Wow, what a beverage !


  3. Hey there,

    Love your blog and book. Just starting to get into the world of mixology and your insights are wonderful.

    Just curious (since you mentioned that you want to SEO this page to drive traffic to your book), do you have much data on how many people buy your book via your blog or from other parts of the web?


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