You’re at a weblog detailing cocktails, spirits, liqueurs, mixers, barware, bars, lounges, and of course, bitters. Maintained by Michael Dietsch, a writer, editor, and accidental bartender in Brooklyn.

My first book, SHRUBS, comes out in October 2014 from Countryman Press, a division of W. W. Norton. In SHRUBS, I look at the history of the beverages called shrub, from their origins in the Middle East up through to their modern use in the trendiest cocktail bars and restaurants. Yes, beverages. There are at least two, and there might be three, depending on how you count things.

I am a writer, editor, blogger, drinker, husband, and stay-at-home dad to two beautiful children, Julian and Mirabelle. I live in Brooklyn, New York, and although it frequently bugs the hell out of me, I still love it very much. When I’m not writing, blogging, editing, drinking, husbanding, and dadding, I like to cook, bike, walk, and smoke cigars, though seldom all at once. I used to like to grill and smoke meats and vegetables in my spare time, but I currently lack a yard. Or for that matter, spare time.

I’ve had this URL, adashofbitters.com, for over 8 years now. I’ve blogged here, off and on, for most of that time.