15 Best Chasers For Vodka

by Michael

Vodka is one of the strongest alcoholic beverages on the market. With an alcohol content of 40% to 50% there is no surprise that many people prefer to combine vodka with a chaser. A chaser is a non-alcoholic drink that, mixed with vodka, will reduce the alcohol level in your final beverage.

Since vodka is created from potatoes, grains or different strains of corns through a filtration and distillation process, it doesn’t have a strong flavor. The neutral taste of vodka allows you to combine it with all kinds of chasers that will give you tasty drinks with just enough alcohol boost!

You can combine vodka with lemonade, different types of soda and even water, in order to reduce its alcohol content. Keep reading to find the best chasers for vodka!

Best 15 chasers for vodka

Choose the chaser that compliments your personal preferences and goes great with a shot of vodka!

1. Lemonade


Lemonade and vodka, with a few ice cubes, can be the fastest refreshing drink for a hot summer day. You can make lemonade at home or you can purchase it from almost any supermarket. Most lemonades are made of lemon juice or lime juice, water and a sweetener such as honey, sugar or maple syrup.

If you make your lemonade at home, you can use any type of sweetener you want. Mix your lemonade with vodka in the quantities you want, depending on how much you want to dilute the alcohol in vodka.

2. Tonic water

Tonic water

Tonic water is another great chaser for vodka. This water is rich in quinine, which was an important medicine in the 17th century, used to treat malaria. Nowadays you can find tonic water in almost any supermarket. The recipe changed over the centuries so ton ic water is sweeter and less bitter than it used to be. However, it will still have the specific taste of quinine so, if you don’t like that, you might need to look at other chasers in our list.

You can mix two parts tonic water to one part vodka to begin with and increase the quantity of the chaser according to your taste. The dry flavor of tonic water will make this mix a perfect drink during different meals as it helps enhancing the taste of the food.

3. Ginger beer

Ginger beerDespite the fact that it is called a beer, this drink is not an alcoholic one. You will find ginger beer to be sweeter and with a richer flavor compared to ginger ale but it is just as popular. Not only that ginger beer is a great vodka chaser but you can also incorporate it into different cocktails.

One of the most famous cocktails with ginger beer and vodka is the Moscow Mule. This cocktail contains vodka, ginger beer, dry vermouth, a bit of lemon juice and cocoa creme. It is one of the tastiest and most refreshing drinks! But you can also just combine ginger beer with vodka and you will love this mix by itself!

4. Sprite

Sprite works as a vodka chaser in the same way that lemonade does. This common soda adds a fuzzy taste to your drink and a mild lemon flavor that will go great with the alcoholic profile of vodka.

You can add an ounce of vodka to your glass and top it off with Sprite and a few ice cubes. This should offer you a tasty carbonated drink that helps you get in a relaxed mood.

5. Iced tea


Iced tea and vodka can be a great summer treat. Simply add an ounce of vodka into a glass of ice tea and finish your cocktail with a slice of lime as garnish. You can choose any type of iced tea you prefer and it will taste just fine with your vodka. Peach flavored iced tea goes particularly well with vodka as well as an iced tea made of different berries.

Unsweetened iced tea will taste just as good as the sweetened one and this tropical cocktail will most likely become one of your favorites as soon as you try it.

6. Fanta

Fanta is another classic soda that you will find everywhere in the world and in different flavors. This fuzzy drink can have an orange flavor, mandarines, grapes and even lemon. Also, Fanta has sweetened and unsweetened versions that you can combine with your vodka.

The orange Fanta, which is also the original version of this soda, tends to go best with vodka. Combine Fanta with vodka and ice cubes in the quantities that you prefer.

7. Coca Cola


Maybe the most notorious soda drink in the world, Coca Cola is one of your first choice too as a vodkas chaser. And you would not be wrong.

Coke goes great with vodka as it adds plenty of flavor to it while it reduces the alcohol content. If you want to reduce the calories, feel free to mix unsweetened Cola with your vodka and three or four ice cubes. You will be surprised of how satisfying this drink is!

Coca Cola also comes in a lime version as well as cherry or vanilla but the original version of this drink will go best with vodka.

8. Orange juice

Orange juice

You most likely heard of the orange juice and vodka drink as it is one of the most successful combination. Orange juice made of 100% orange is the best option for such a combination.

These two drinks were mixed since the World War II and it is a combination that never gets old. Add a few ice cubes in your glass and you are all set for a relaxing break in a hot, summer afternoon.

9. Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice

The taste of pineapple juice and vodka might surprise you but in a very good way. The tropical flavor of pineapple will taste even better mixed with the alcohol in vodka. You can find pineapple juice with or without sweetener on the market and if you don’t you can simply use the juice from a can of chopped pineapple.

Add as much pineapple juice to your drink as you see fit until you are comfortable with the level of alcohol.

10. Apple juice

Apple juice

Another classic of all times is apple juice and vodka. The fruity yet not too sweet taste of apple juice, compliments the alcohol in your vodka nicely, giving you a mild drink.

You can use any type of apple juice but you might like the sweetened version better since it adds more flavor to your final cocktail. In such a combination it is important to not forget the ice cubes because they can really take your drink to a different level!

11. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice might be a bit more difficult to find compared to other chasers in this list but if you do get it, know that it goes great with vodka. You can combine any cranberry juice with any kind of vodka and you will love the cocktail you get. In this case too, ice cubes can also be the best touch for a perfect drink so don’t forget about this detail!

12. Carbonated water

Carbonated water

If you want to dilute your vodka but you don’t want any other flavor in it, carbonated water can be exactly what you need. This water will add some bubbles to your mix but it will definitely take away from the alcohol content of your vodka. Ice cubes can offer you an even more refreshing taste. Plus, it is one of the cheapest chasers you will find, next to regular water.

13. Grape soda

Grape soda

Grape soda is not everyone’s choice but it works great as a chaser for vodka. You can enjoy your grape soda with a dash of vodka or even an ounce of it and it will taste so much better. Grape soda has a strong flavor of grapes and just the right amount of fuzziness to receive the alcohol from vodka and make it taste so much better!

14. Olives


If you have a jar of olives, you know that they are canned or jarred in a salty liquid. This brine can diminish the strength of alcohol in vodka and it was used to do the same for gin. So just add a tablespoon of your olives’ brine into your glass of vodka and you will not regret it.

This mix goes great with a savory meal and you will be amazed at how good it tastes. Consider however, that olives’ brine is salty and you don’t want to add too much into your vodka.

15. Jalapenos

jalapenos juice

Another chaser for vodka can be jalapenos juice. Just like olives, jalapenos can come in cans or jars with a juice that is a mix of oils or water and salt. Consider that jalapenos are very spicy too. So, your vodka will turn not only salty but also spicy.

Add one tablespoon of jalapeno juice into your glass of vodka and it will take away from the alcohol content. If one tablespoon is too much for you, try adding one teaspoon first and see how you like this combination. Ice cubes will soften the taste of such a drink too and dilute the spiciness of jalapenos.

What’s a good chaser for shots?

If you want to try vodka shots, you can always find a chaser to help you resist longer into the night and postpone the intoxicating effect. If you are trying to control the high alcohol in your vodka shots and make it work for you and not against you, you can try mixing them with a few chasers from the list above.

Ginger beer is one of the best options as it will keep you drinking a flavor-rich drink in between the shots and dilute the alcohol so your body will take longer to assimilate it. Ginger beer is non-alcoholic so you will not have to worry about mixing different types of alcohol.

Another chaser for vodka shots are sodas of all kinds. You can go for any flavored soda and drink as much as you want in between vodka shots.

However, note that both ginger beer and soda will not keep you well-hydrated. And when you are drinking vodka shots, staying hydrated is important. So, you want to use water as a vodka chaser too in order to cover this aspect. Drinking plenty of water in between shots can not only keep you hydrated but it can also help you avoid a potential hangover the next day!

Best soda chaser for vodka

It is difficult to decide which soda is best for vodka combinations as a chaser since it is a matter of personal preference. But orange soda tends to combine the best with the alcohol in vodka. You will love the citrus mix and the diluted alcohol taste as you enjoy this drink with a few ice cubes.

At the same time, orange soda is one of the most common types of soda that you can find on the market. It is just as a great vodka chaser as orange juice made of 100% oranges. Only that orange soda also adds a fuzzy texture to your drink that some people find very refreshing!

Unsweetened orange soda is also the best choice as a vodka chaser. The taste of orange combines so well with the neutral flavor in vodka that you will not feel the need for any extra sugar in this type of drink.

Final thoughts

Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks as it is easy to combine it with a variety of other drinks and create interesting cocktails.

You will learn to use vodka almost as a cocktail alcoholic base and you will be pleased to discover that you can use all types of chasers to reduce its alcohol.

Don’t forget your ice cubes when you put together a cocktail that contains vodka because they can add the refreshing feeling such a drink needs to bring and they will also dilute the alcohol taste. Plus, ice cubes tend to help the flavors in your glass combine better too!

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