Ad of the week: Pabst

From the August 16, 1937, issue of Life:



Ad of the week: Seagrams Gin

From the August 9, 1937, issue of Life:


Blow that mother up:


Have a recipe:



Egg white! Ramos Fizz! Can you imagine that running in a mainstream magazine today?

Ads of the week

Oops, I inadvertently missed a week; doubling up today to catch up.

Seagram’s King Arthur

First up, from the July 12, 1937, issue of Life magazine, an ad with a cocktail recipe included:


Zooma zooma!



Martini & Rossi

Next, an ad from the July 19, 1937, issue; this one reflects how much our drinking culture has changed since the 1930s. Few people today drink vermouth on its own, of course, even though more of us should.


Of course, this ad reminds me I keep promising to make Vermouth Cassis for Mrs. Bitters. Oops.

Ad of the Week: Gordon’s Gin

Love this Gordon’s ad. Love love love love. Life mag, July 5, 1937.

First, I love the stem glass, especially the stem, but also the bowl. The other glassware, the ice bucket, the martini pitcher. All lovely, and all items I now covet. I love that the martini has a bit of color to it, perhaps from the vermouth that was used.


Here’s the text, if you want to read it:


But I also really love the bottle. Let’s look at that in fancy giant size.


Check out the detail! The weird cap with the wire-twist enclosure. The juniper berries. The boar’s head. The words NEW JERSEY embossed on the bottle side. And, of course, the proof: 94.4. (If Wikipedia is accurate, bottlings sold in continental Europe are sold at 94.6, or 47.3% abv.)

Some hot stuff here, folks. These are the gems that keep me coming back to this feature.